My Journey with ONL152

ONL152 - 2015

The morning began with my colleague (Ali) and I making sure that we had clicked all the links, joined all the groups, followed the Twitter feeds, created ‘circles’ and pretty much connected in every possible way to all that was ONL152. The time rolled on to 1pm (SA time) and we entered the introductory Webinar with much excitement!

It was great to see the ‘Participants’ numbers steadily climb, and the geotags on the Map begin to spread from Sweden to The Netherlands, and from Casablanca to the Faroe Islands, Pakistan and beyond – this really was a diverse gathering!

Despite a few sound glitches (and the Map mysteriously vanishing without warning), this first session was a great first-step. Introductions were made and we were given a clear summary of what we could expect over the next few weeks.

Week 1 (22 September – 6 October) is all about Connecting and Networking;  During these first two important weeks the focus is to familiarise ourselves with the online learning spaces and to connect with our PBL peers and facilitators. 

We also have to create a Blog and begin reflecting on this whole experience; I guess I had better get started…


2 thoughts on “My Journey with ONL152

  1. Much excitement in the build up to the Webinar which was further enhanced as we virtually met like minded colleagues across the globe. Once the Webinar was completed the excitement continued with discussions regarding blogs. Learning to use the WordPress Blog site is the next step. Looking forward to seeing thoughts and ideas flowing in the blogs to come.


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