Refocusing on the Student Experience

The 26th ICDE World Conference was held at Sun City (13 – 16 October 2015) – and I was privileged to be among the 900+ delegates, representing 67 countries from around the world. Although each of the Keynote speakers was excellent; one in particular linked most strongly with our ONL152, Topic 3 – namely that of ‘Collaborative Learning & Communities’. 


Joyce Seitzinger is an educational technologist at Deakin University, Australia, where her focus is on blended learning and the student experience. She quotes Don Norman when she explains that, “The  whole  point  of  human-centered  design  is  to  tame  complexity,  to  turn  what  would   appear  to  be  a  complicated  tool  into  one  that  fits  the  task;   that  is  understandable,  usable,  enjoyable.” She expands on these ideas when she challenges how educational technology is used and how online programmes tend to be designed; she suggests that perhaps we have “lost the human side of learning”. Instead, she talks to the need for a ‘Learner experience design’; where we refocus our technology solutions on the learner, and answer questions like “How well do we really know them? How are they using our learning environments and services? Are we creating experiences that make the most of their personal learning networks, and how do we design a learner experience that connects to a whole life filled with learning?” (Seitzinger, 2015 – ICDE Topic: Learner Experience Design: a new hope?).

Thought-provoking questions – and certainly some I would like to discuss further!


3 thoughts on “Refocusing on the Student Experience

  1. These are very interesting questions, so thanks for sharing Joyce Seitzinger’s points and power point. I think that collaboration and community in combination gives rise to at least two important questions: how do you create commitment to a community and how do you enhance participants ‘collaborative literacy’ in networked environments, and I think Seitzinger’s questions are relevant here, too.

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  2. Your blog and Seitzinger’s PP was very interesting and raised some reflections in my marketer’s view. “The learning experiences are co-creation” is very much the same as creating a brand in the marketing theory. Sharing experiences and the involvement of creating the experiences give people feelings of belonging to the brand that is typically called brand community. That’s what successful brands aim to create to offer. It seems exactly the same for the online learning courses. There lies hints how to bond students to certain online courses, I think. I need to deeper this to come to more thoughts. Thank you for sharing this.


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